Famous People With a Camera




James Dean

Richard Avedon
Stanley Kubrick
George Harrison with a Nikon F, Kodak Retina IIS and a Rolleiflex.

Charles Bronson with a Leica M3 ~ publicity still from his television series, Man With A Camera, 1958-60

Natalie Portman with Rolleiflex
Edward Norton with Rolleiflex

Sammy Davis Jr. with Rolleiflex

James Dean

James Dean

Johnny Depp with Polaroid camera

Warhol with Sx-70
 Brad Pitt

Paul Newman

John Lennon

 Debbie Harry

 Spice Girls


 Heath Ledger

 Ryan Gosling

Bridget Bardot

Warhol with giant 20x24 polaroid camera


 Bob Dylan

 Joseph Gordon

Emily Blunt with a Contax G2 

 Michael Cera

 James Franco ( as James Dean) with Rolleiflex

 Barack Obama
Sofia Coppola

 Kristen Stewart with Nikon F2 ( I had one of those bad boys! great camera. I miss it!)

Brad Pitt

Heath Ledger 

 Sean Connery

 Leonard Nimoy

 The Supremes with their Polaroid Land cameras

 Sofia  Coppala

 Liz Taylor
 Drew Barrymore

 Sammy Davis Jr. and his Rolleiflex. He was quite an accomplished photographer and even released a book. Here’s some of them on Vanity Fair.

 Grace Kelly taking Frank Sinatra’s photo with a Hasselblad. 

 Paul McCartney
 Miles Davis

Elijah Wood with a Hasselblad 

Stanley Kubrick

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt

Poet/Writer Alan Ginsberg

Paul McCartney self portrait

Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now

James Woods
Andy Warhol

Mick Jagger

Dennis Hopper

George Harrison
James Dean

James Dean


Michael Jackson

Stanley Kubrick

Ringo Star and George Harrison

Stanley Kubrick



 Fred Astaire photographs Audrey Hepburn

Bridget Bardot

George Harrison

Stanley Kubrick


Peter Sellers


Brad Pitt

Audrey Tautou with Leica 

David Lynch


Woody Allen with a Leica M8.2

A silver Leica M7, with a 35mm summilux; Vicky Cristina Barcelona ~ 2008  by Woody Allen.

Scarlett Johansson with Leica M7

Adriana Lima

The Queen with a Leica M3(?)

Batman with Leica M8

 Jack Nicholson using a Leica III/A and VIDOM finder in Roman Polanski's Chinatown 1974

Each time I see any of my movies, there are plenty of things that I would like to change. It doesn’t mean that the movie would be any better. For example, when Gittes is photographing on the roof, the couple downstairs, and I wanted to see the reflection of it in the lens of his Leica. I was hesitating a lot and discussing it, which way to put it, put it upside down or the way it is, in the lens normally it should reflect upside down. And I thought for the audience’s sake, we won’t put it upside down. Today, I would definitely put it upside down.
-Roman Polanski

Actor Alain Delon  (1962)

MIles Davis with a Leica

Richard Avedon with Fred Astair

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