Zombie Portraits ~ Shot On Location @ The Toronto Zombie Walk By Yours Truly

© anthony luke© anthony luke

© anthony luke

A zombie is a creature that appears in folklore and popular culture typically as a reanimated corpse or a mindless human being. Stories of zombies originated in the Afro-Caribbean spiritual belief system of Vodoo, which told of the people being controlled as laborers by a powerful sorcerer. Zombies became a popular device in modern horror fiction, largely because of the success of George A. Romero's 1968 film Night of the Living Dead.(wikipedia)

The New Leica M9 ~ A camera worth selling a kidney for ?

The history of 35-mm photography began almost 100 years ago with the legendary Ur-Leica. Today, it is the Leica M9, a landmark camera that carries the proud heritage of Leica M cameras into the digital age. The Leica M9 is the world's first digital system camera of its size to be built with a full-frame sensor - a CCD sensor developed specifically for the M9 - that is capable of perfectly capturing the full 35-mm format (24 × 36 mm) in ultra-high resolution. (from Leica website)

Photographer Profile ~ Freelance Photojournalist/Filmmaker Danfung Dennis

Danfung Dennis graduated from Cornell University with degrees in Applied Economics and International Agriculture in 2005. He worked briefly for a business consulting organization. He began his photojournalism career by freelancing for the Beijing Bureau of The Associated Press covering breaking news throughout Asia. In 2006, he traveled to Afghanistan to cover the increase in fighting and lack of reconstruction and development. He spent much of 2007 and 2008 covering Iraq. Now based in London, he will focus his future work on documenting wars, conflicts and critical social and economic issues.

His work has been published in Newsweek, TIME, The New York Times, The Times, The Sunday Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, The Sunday Times Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine, Le Figaro Magazine, Financial Times Magazine, Mother Jones, L'Express, Der Spiegel, The Sydney Morning Herald, and the Wall Street Journal and his footage aired by PBS, ITV, and CBS.

Amazing Time Lapse Images Shot With Canon 5D Mark II DLSR... Set To Pink Floyd!!

Timescapes Timelapse: Learning to Fly from Tom @ Timescapes on Vimeo.

Death Of A Master ~ Irving Penn Dies at the age of 92

" A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. "

~Irving Penn~

Irving Penn, one of the 20th century’s most prolific and influential photographers of fashion and the famous, whose signature blend of classical elegance and cool minimalism was recognizable to magazine readers and museum goers worldwide, died Wednesday morning at his home in Manhattan. He was 92.(quoted from New York Times)

Irving Penn
has always been my favourite photographer. His strong graphic images struck a cord with me at a young age. I picked up his book "Passages" when it was first available and still look at it often. All his images are iconic from the portraits of high fashion models and celebrities to his fantastic mud people images to the found objects like cigarette butts ~ Pure genius. Often copied but never matched Irving Penn was a true master

While still studying photography in College, I assisted a food and product shooter who would receive Polaroids from Irving Penn for art direction. (pre-digital days) We were shooting Clinique ads and Penn would set up the composition of the bottles and shoot it at the angle he desired and then forwarded the Polaroid to the photographer. The photographer would then carry out Penn's vision. I wish I had one of those Polaroids! He will be missed.
© anthony luke

Yes, the nail is real! No Photoshop here! I watched in horror and fascination as he proceeded to hammer the nail into his face. Scott McClelland (aka Eisengrimm) is the real deal folks. He is the creator of "Carnival Diablo" and 'The Paranormal Show'.Sideshows for the 21st Century. Check them out!

Photographer Guy Bourdin was one of the most unique, provocative and influencial fashion photographers of the 70's & 80's and to this day

Fantastic Documentary on photographer Helmut Newton by his wife June.

Photographer Mario Sorrenti shoots Naomi Campbell on the streets of NYC

Paolo Roversi, an Italian-born fashion photographer, speaks about creativity

Behind the Scenes with Photographer Peter Lindbergh


Transformations at New York Fashion Week. Check out model Karlie Kloss before and after makeup. Great make-up artists make all the difference.

Influences ~ Photographer Albert Watson

Albert Watson has made his mark as one of the world’s most successful fashion and commercial photographers during the last four decades, while creating his own art along the way. Over the years, his striking images have appeared on more than 250 covers of Vogue around the world and have been featured in countless other publications, from Rolling Stone to Time. Iconic portraits of rock stars, rappers, actors and other celebrities. He has also directed over 600 commercials. Albert Watson has always been one of my biggest influences.

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Albert studied graphic design and later film and television at the Royal College of Art in London. He was an elementary school teacher in LA and shooting just as a hobby when he got his first big break when he was introduced to art director at Max Factor. Born blind in one eye he chose “Cyclops” (1994) as the title of his first published book of photographs.

The photo industry bible, Photo District News, named Albert one of the 20 most influential photographers of all time. He has won numerous honors, including a Lucie Award, a Grammy Award, the Hasselblad Masters Award, three ANDY Awards, and the Centenary Medal, a lifetime achievement award from the Royal Photographic Society.

In 2007, a large-format Watson print of a Kate Moss photograph taken in 1993 (above) sold at Christie's in London for $108,000, five times the low pre-sale estimate.